Our Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process - How It Works...

Here at Frost Digital we have a tried and tested process for our web design projects. We know that sometimes it can seem like a mammoth task, and sometimes it's difficult to know where to begin! We've simplified the process into 4 phases to help you understand what working our friendly web designers will look like.

0: The quoting process & placing an order...

Exciting times! You’ve decided you need a new and/or improved website for your business and have decided Frost Digital might be a good fit! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work on a web design proposal for you.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for a basic website to begin trading, or you’re already deep into your business journey and looking to scale up, we can help! Let’s get it quoted…

We’re proud of the format of our web design proposals. We aim for both beautiful and thorough. In order to get it right, there are a few things we’d love to know. Our request a quote form does a pretty good job at gathering the info we’ll need. Alternatively, for the personal touch – you can call our friendly team for a no-obligation chat about your requirements. If you prefer, you can visit us at Frosty HQ – we’ll even buy you a coffee for your troubles!

Once we’ve heard a little bit about your business and the brief requirements of the new website, we’ll aim to get that proposal to you within a couple of hours. (For a rough guide to our web design pricing, head to our Web Design Packages page.)

Assuming we can get the price, the spec and the turnaround time right. Let’s get that order placed!

Our web design ordering process is quick and easy – all we require is a message or a call formally accepting the proposal. We’ll send you over our standard web design contract and our deposit invoice. We’ll also book a convenient time to get together for a full design consultation.

1: Web Design Consultation & Planning the build...

It’s great to have you aboard! We can’t wait to do a great job for you.

Nobody knows your business better than you, and this is where the web design process begins. You understand how your customers think. We want to hear about it, and our job is to use that knowledge and offer ideas and expertise to create a new website that gives you the best chance of turning visitors into sales!

Our preliminary design consultation is an opportunity for you to meet our designers to chat about the project in detail. We’ll chat about what your dream website looks like and make some notes about branding and colour schemes. We’ll look at examples together, plan out any workflows for functionality, work out a simple site structure and request any assets we may require (such as photographs, existing logo files, content.)

The web design consultation is also a great opportunity for you to ask our experts any and all questions you might have about the process. E.g. what things might look like, how we launch a new website, and why it all works – pretty much anything you could ever want to know!

Once we’re all on the same page and we’ve got all the facts we need to make a start, we’ll transcribe the notes from our meeting and send a copy of them to you for safe keeping. We’ll grant access to our cloud storage platform for the easy exchange of media and documents, and provide you with a development URL for the staging/prototype site, which you’ll be able to follow the progress on later!

2: Web Design, Prototyping & Website Preview...

Now that we’ve got a roadmap in place to enable us to deliver a great final product, we can start to work on bringing the website to life. We’ll start with the theme coding, layouts, visuals and styling.

We’ll continue to research your sector and your competitors, whilst using the notes from our design consultation as a basis for the build to create the perfect landing page for your brand. Once we’ve put some designs together that we’re completely in love with, we’ll let you know that they’re ready to explore and ask for your feedback!

We’ll discuss any feedback on the design. If necessary, we’ll make any changes needed to the preview pages. Once everybody is happy with the website preview, we will get straight to work on building all of the remaining pages and working on the coding of any advanced features. We’ll apply cutting edge design techniques along the way, in line with our newly agreed stylesheets.

Once the website’s pages and features are all done, looking beautiful and resembling a finished article – we’ll audit our own work. We optimise headings, content, site titles, meta descriptions and load speed for today’s SEO best practices and let you know that it’s ready to explore in full!

3: Final Website Review, Extensive Testing & User Training...

Once you had some time to explore your shiny new website, or even shared the website with staff members, family and friends, we’ll ask you to compile a list of any feedback, tweaks, changes or style revisions you’d like to see prior to sign off. We’ll ask you to test any online shop, membership or booking functionality from the customer’s perspective and get the full customer experience yourself.

We’ll work through this list of final pieces of work. Following this we’ll move on to a series of extensive cross platform tests to ensure a perfect, cohesive visitor experience. The website is tested across all browsers, devices and viewport sizes.

We’ll then arrange our final meeting for the development process.

This meeting primarily will be used as an opportunity to give you a comprehensive user-admin training session.  Th goal is to allow you to conduct the simple day-to-day management of your new website. Things such as posting new news or blog articles, editing content, switching up images, adding new staff to a team page – that kind of stuff!

We will decide upon (if we haven’t already) a launch date for the new website!

4: Website Completion & Launch!

This is the point in the process we’ve all been working towards!

Following your final review & user training session, we will send over our completion paperwork along with our balance invoice. Prepare for launch!

Launching a new website is a fairly simple process. We’ll validate a fresh SSL certificate, and deploy the development website to the remote server so it’s accessible on the final domain of your choosing.

After launch, we carry out detailed QA checks to ensure the site is visible and eligible for crawling and indexing by search engines. We test everything once more to ensure all functionality and system generated emails are working, and make any final tweaks needed.

We’ll let you know that the new website is live, and of course congratulate you on the launch!

Your new website is now available to your customers. We will continue closely monitoring progress throughout the launch process and the following weeks/months to ensure everything stays fast, secure and running smoothly.