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e-Commerce Web Development Cambridge

Ecommerce is the term used for buying and selling of goods or services online, typically involving the transfer of money and some form of order data to execute a transaction. The term is ordinarily used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can reasonably used to describe any kind of transaction that is facilitated via a website over the internet.

Experienced eCommerce Web Developers

Our e-commerce websites are slick, clean, easy-to-use, lightweight and jam-packed with automation and convenient features. We work with a diverse range of e-commerce clients, from apparel & electronics retailers, online grocery stores, online education providers, local gyms and many more. Quickly and easily manage stock levels, add new products, modify prices, generate coupons, send mailshots, change shipping classes, print packing slips, run a huge range of reports and a whole lot more.

As an online retailer, it’s absolutely essential to convey reputability and professionalism to instil trust in your potential customer. No customer is going to send money to a business on the internet if there’s any doubt that the product will make it to them safely. Our team specialise in helping our clients to convey those all important messages.

Professional WooCommerce Developers

Used for 28.19% of all online stores

Over the years, our team have used WooCommerce as a preferred framework to achieve almost every conceivable configuration for an online shop. We know it like the back of our hands, and more than that – we’re huge fans! It’s reported that WordPress WooCommerce websites amount to almost 30% of all e-Commerce websites, and done correctly it is rightly widely regarded as one of the gold standard setups for selling anything you can imagine online.

Professional, yet very affordable

Take on the competition with confidence

Selling products via a website is not a brand new concept in the broad scheme of the internet. It can be a pretty crowded space, and its for this reason that the small details count. A professional, well designed, user-friendly, fast, secure and search engine optimised e-commerce website is critical to ensuring your business gets the orders. Our e-commerce website design is top-rated and affordable. Working with us will give you the confidence to go head-to-head with the big dogs.

100% Safe and Secure

Designed and built diligently to the highest standard

All of our websites are built with security in mind, but it is all the more important for ecommerce websites. These types of sites are tasked with recording and transmitting customer data and processing payments. Special care and attention is given to ensure our ecommerce systems are safe and secure. Served exclusively over HTTPS and working with an extensive range of industry leading merchant service providers to guarantee online safety for the customer and the store owner.

Endless Features & Functions

You describe it, we’ll build it

The definition of an online business is constantly evolving. The demand for special features has never been higher. Our systems routinely include: abandoned cart emails, recurrent subscriptions/monthly payments, design your own product tools, digital downloads, event booking & ticket sales, membership perks, loyalty point schemes, refer a friend features, online quotation generators, crypto supported merchants, delivery date scheduling tools and much more!

What to expect from our eCommerce web design:

Regardless of your eCommerce project's size and cost, we believe there should be no half measures where design, build quality or best practices are concerned. For this reason you can expect all of our eCommerce projects to include:

Domain name & hosting (if required)

Cutting edge premium/bespoke theme coding

Basic copywriting/keyword optimisation

Bespoke forms, newsletter & lead capture modules

Basic image design/stock image selection

Extensive Cross-platform browser testing

100% Responsive/mobile optimised

Basic SEO to get things moving

Setup of Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

WordPress CMS access, with client training session.

Just a few samples of our recent projects: