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Social Media Management Cambridge

Social media management is all about turning user voices and profiles into a cacophony of advertisements and recommendations.

If word-of-mouth is the ultimate form of advertising, successful social media management turns it all the way up to 11. 

Dynamic, exciting and reactive, social media marketers keep their fingers on the pulse. Our social media management specialists use this knowledge to communicate key messages across various platforms, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Whether going organic or through paid social ads, social media marketing improves audience insights, increases traffic, enhances SEO rankings and allows you to open up a channel between you and your customers. 

Our managed social media campaigns provide you with a bespoke strategy and plan. This approach allows us to plan releases for regular release and act on the fly to react to current events and trends. This ‘best of both’ allows for greater efficacy and engagement. Organic social media, much like SEO, relies on building trust and authority within your target market. 

Our social media management experts will point out which social media channels to focus to streamline your campaign and ensure you don’t waste time or money on a social media platform not suited to your industry. 

Paid social media management is the perfect way to reach new audiences and drive website traffic or page engagement to interested users. We’ll begin audience testing – because it’s always best to see how people respond before you dial up your budgets. We’ll report back on the performance with clear analytics and advice, so you can see how many people are taking action. We also offer a variety of services including split-testing and bid optimisation to fine-tune campaigns and optimise them for that perfect social media storm. 

Add well executed social media marketing to your digital arsenal today.

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