Your time is valuable – make meetings in your business matter…

How do the meetings that happen within your business make you feel?

Have you ever been in a meeting that felt unproductive and wasteful?

Are you concerned that they seem to be ineffectual, unnecessary and only happen by habit (meeting for the sake of a meeting)?

Some people view them as the way people within the business communicate. They are a place where all the decisions are made, and the most important issues of the moment are decided.

However, there is a general belief in the business world that most internal meetings are pointless. Arguably, they result in little or no action or accountability. According to a Network survey of managers, 25-50 percent of the time people spend in meetings is deemed as time wasted.

How can meetings be more effective?

Effective internal meetings should result in collaboration, action and progress for your business. If that isn’t the case, what’s the point of having them? Without a clear decision being made, it simply becomes a ‘talking shop’ – it’s like a boat sailing along without a rudder.

However, because internal meetings happen in most businesses every week, they are a fantastic chance to drive your business forward every week!!

 “…improving meetings is not just an opportunity to enhance the performance of your company. It is also a way to positively impact the lives of your people”

Consequently, if you, as a business owner/manager, attend up to 15 meetings a week (as the research suggests), then better meetings could and should bring you a more successful business…

August 7th, 2019|