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February 13, 2020 12:10 pm

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While designs, development, and paid services like PPC are all important, copywriting is the glue that binds SEO and user needs. Balancing keywords and phrases with informative and engaging content requires deft language skills and a deep understanding of your market. We've built up a reputation of creating copy that makes you stand out while offering users an experience that is unique to you.

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Ranking on search engines and search engine results pages (SERPs) is defined by a wide range of factors. One of the most important among these is high-quality content. Search engines like Google crawl websites for content that is informative and contains a wide range of keywords and phrases. We specialise in weaving in these terms in a natural way to help your site show in search engine results and drive conversions. This gives you access to millions of potential customers and shows off your expertise at the same time.

Writing for search bots and users is no mean feat. Our specialist content writers and digital strategists have mastered the art of doing both, making your clients look at the left hand while juggling SEO needs on the right. We work with clients through workshops and consultations to figure out your style and help you find your tone of voice. This core understanding allows us to create copy that is impactful, consistent, and professional.

Content marketing isn’t just about dotting i’s and crossing t’s though. We live language and plan every detail from grammar to full-scale blog schedules. Studies, lists, think pieces, interviews, guides, these are just a smattering of the rich variety available to clients and we endeavour to create content strategies that hit all your users’ needs.

Not only is great copywriting about emotive language, but also about building trust in your brand with copy that is error-free and concise. Spelling errors detract from your credibility and make users question your professionalism. We have years of experience optimising copy for users of all levels from basic English to specialised industry copy. Our content writers research you, your industry and your competitors to find out the correct tone, wording and resonance. Using a fine-tooth comb, we create content that is error-free and natural. 

We offer dedicated content creation, website copy audits, blog and press release copy and any other tasks that requires a literary turn. This service is all-encompassing and allows you to focus on other tasks rather than wasting precious hours pouring over articles and blogs.

We are Frost Digital. An award winning, RAR Recommended, yet affordable Web Design Agency, based in Cambridge. Our friendly team of experts provide cost-effective website design, graphic design and digital marketing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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