9 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Web Design Company…

Picking the right web design agency can feel overwhelming – you’ve got sales patter and promises of results whizzing in from all directions, how are supposed to you differentiate and work out who’s actually going to deliver on those promises?

We’re going to arm you with 9 questions to ask when you’re selecting a web design agency – and explaining to you why these questions are so important.

So, here goes! 9 questions to ask your potential new web design agency:

How does the sales team compare to the creative team?

Sometimes the sales guys you’re dealing with will be all business development and sales managers – of course there’s nothing wrong with those people, they’re an important part of the process.

It is however worth asking whether any of the people you’re talking to will actually work on the project – and if not, can you expect to see matching levels of sector experience in the people you’ll be dealing with day-to-day?

What’s the average team member retention duration?

One of the biggest challenges faced by some web design agencies is the retention of their staff. The industry average is shockingly just 13 months.

What exactly does that mean for you as the client? It may mean that if you’re working with a web agency that does a particularly bad job of hanging on to their talent, you may end up with an array of unfamiliar people working on your account!

Nobody chooses to work with 3 different account managers in just 6 months.

Clearly there’s no guarantee how long a team member is going to stick around – but by asking this question, it may help you get perspective on whether the potential web design agency is good at keeping hold of their talent.

Can we see a recent list of your clients?

A list of clients is a very useful thing to have – it allows you to understand what types of businesses your web design agency has worked with. It enables you to get an insight into their sector experience and challenges they may have dealt with previously.

That said, it’s worth checking how recent that list is. How many of those customers are from the last 12 months? How many of them are the agency still supporting now?

The answer to these questions will help you understand how much value that list holds.

Are you able to describe what you did for them?

Another thing you’ll sometimes see is that agencies like to put impressive logos in front of their potential customers. In our case, we want you to know that we’ve worked with brands you’ll know and recognise.

The important thing is that you don’t let these brand names bamboozle you – ask questions such as; what did you do for them? How long were they supported for? Are they still an active a client?

How much planning time is included within the project?

It’s important that an expert is going to make time to sit with you and work out the strategy for the design and the build of your website. How it should look, how it should work.

If the web design agency is not including time to get to know your business and its goals to deliver optimal results for you, then you’re getting the short end of the deal.

So, ask the question – how much strategy time is included?

Can we get a reference?

If their customers really are as happy as the potential web agency will probably say they are, then your potential agency shouldn’t have much trouble getting them to attest as such – right?

It makes sense to ask the question. Are you able to speak to any of their recent clients? There should be some that would be happy to give a reference to confirm the quality of the web design services they received? Bonus points if you’re able to choose from the list!

How do you bring external ideas and technologies to our account?

A good web design agency should be at the cutting edge of all thing’s website related. They should be bringing that expertise to the table to give you the best possible shot at success.

Just being aware of such strategies and solutions is just one part of the puzzle, integrating them in a methodical and contextual way so that they work seamlessly for your business is the real challenge.

That’s why it’s an important question.

How are you innovating?

It’s worth making sure your potential web design agency is pushing to innovate wherever possible. Professional web design isn’t a field that stands still for long – whether it’s changes to Google ranking algorithms, or changes in privacy guidelines (such as GDPR), or new opportunities in advertising channels, the landscape is always evolving.

Find out how your potential web design agency is innovating – what are they doing now that they weren’t doing six months ago?

What are your specialities?

Great question, because the answer ‘everything’ is always a lie!

The truth almost certainly is there will be areas and sectors that each web design company is stronger in. If they’re confident in their abilities to deliver what they’ve promised, they shouldn’t have any qualms about being transparent about this – and ideally explaining how that makes them best suited to deliver the website you’re looking for.

Maybe we can help?

If you’re reading this article that means you’re likely either currently going through the web design sales process or thinking about doing so very soon – you may even be considering a change from one web design agency to another.

Hopefully these questions will help you navigate that process!

If you’d like a web design quote from Frost Digital, you can request one here. We’d love to hear from you!

August 12th, 2019|